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April 12, 2017

Todos Santos with Conner Rhoads

On March 31, 2017 I was on Surfline and saw a little swell popping up with favorable winds at Todos Santos in Mexico, so I got excited that I might get the chance to ride my gun again this season! Last year on March 31st I surfed jaws for my first time, it was a great experience and I guess the swell patterns are similar at times. The swell was 7ft @17 seconds out of the northwest which can result in 3-4 times the actual swell height at places like Todos, due to the way it channels through the bottom and comes rapidly from deep to shallow water. I called my buddy Jeff Tillquist to come and shoot photos and 15 year old Tommy McKeowon to join on the mission and we headed to Mexico April 2nd to surf the arriving swell April 3rd.

Conner and friends at Todos

We got on the boat at 7am April 3rd with some big wave buddies who met us down there and headed out to todos. It was a perfect morning, we thought the waves were only gonna be about 20ft which isn’t huge for Todos but ended up being 20-30ft when the sets came through which was awesome! 12 guys out, most of which I already knew, lots of waves ridden and plenty of smiles from ear to ear, I was super happy I made the call to go down there and was a genuinely fun day.

Ruett team rider Conner

Conner surfing Todos Santos

Conner surfing Todos Santos 2

Conner surfing Todos Santos 3

To top it off, the following day San Miguel ended up being 4-6ft offshore and perfect! It was definitely a trip I’ll never forget… can't wait to get back down there!

Conner surfing 1

Conner surfing 2

 ~ Conner

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